Album Alert: Kachinga – Sky Falling

Canadian recording artist Kachinga presents his debut album, Sky Falling, that’s a vibrant display of his vocal and songwriting abilities.

Making music since the age of 14, Kachinga’s influences range from Hip-Hop icons Kanye West and Jay Z to Canadian indie-pop singer Feist. which would explain his own diverse style.

His sound can be described as uniquely eclectic as he naturally aims to bend genres and blend together elements of Hip-Hop, R&B and indie rock.
With two previous EP releases already in tow, Kachinga isn’t a stranger to capturing his creativity through song, even through growing pains and tough life lessons.

Kachinga on the album:

“The album was inspired by a journey of loss and learning, the struggle to find a balance between the good and the bad in life, and serves as a reminder to find the good within the bad and to acknowledge and accept the bad with the good.”

Highlights on the album include “Before” where he delves between harmonizing and rhyming over melodic, airy production, and “Cold Heart II” where he delivers a heartfelt acapella performance over a lone piano.

With a runtime of an hour and eight minutes, Sky Falling surprisingly flies by with its plethora of short yet addictive tracks and breezy interludes.

Definitely worth a listen, stream Kachinga’s Sky Falling below and on iTunes here.


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