New Music: Space Cadets – Way Too Loud

Los Angeles band Space Cadets hits us with their chill new single “Way Too Loud” that packs a powerful message with an infectious hook.

The smooth groove permeates elements of Hip-Hop and alternative as well as a vibrant mix of acoustic and electric guitars, giving the track a bright and airy feel.

The lyrics of “Way Too Loud” paint a poignant picture of the power of hate as it gives an introspective look at how embracing positivity does away with negative emotions.

Space Cadets speak on the song:

“‘Way Too Loud’ is a song written out of frustration. It comes from the dark place within where hate, apathy and feelings of worthlessness fester beneath the surface. While it does not offer an antidote for the brokenhearted, it does provide an outlet for the struggle against anger and mortality.”

Check out “Way Too Loud” below, and stream it on iTunes here.


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