Dope Reads: Kenyatta Griggs Keeps It Clean In His New Book “My Barber’s Hands Stink”

Co-author of the critical 2017 book, Culture Vultures, Kenyatta Griggs recently released his children’s book, My Barber’s Hands Stink, that focuses on the importance of personal hygiene.

The book tells the tale of a young boy named Kevin who likes to cut corners in his personal care routine from time to time.

It’s not until a visit to the barbershop and a quick whiff of his barber’s hands that Kevin truly understands the true value of cleanliness.

My Barber’s Hands Stinks is an easy, enjoyable read that’s guaranteed to make you laugh, think and possibly wash your hands a lot more afterwards.

Grab your copy of My Barber’s Hands Stink on Amazon here.