New Music: Dance Yourself Clean Ft. The Fame Riot – “Waste My Time”

Indie-pop act Dance Yourself Clean releases their debut single “Waste My Time” via their record label, Lights & Music Collective.

Featuring Seattle’s own The Fame Riot, the fiery, high-energy track packs a killer punch that’s able to get any crowd moving.

Amidst the pulsating rhythm that “Waste My Time” exudes, the lyrics explore the much-relatable topic of a relationship that has run its course, and having to come to terms that it’s officially over.

Dance Yourself Clean on the song’s meaning:

“The single is an expression of realizing you can’t be in love with that person forever, while admitting that you would if they let you..or even acknowledging that the only way you’ve loved this person for so long was that you were blinded by the power of your human emotions.”

Stream “Waste My Time” on Spotify below or on the streaming service of your choice here.