New Music: Lucas Roth – “Zootie Tootie”

L.A-based artist Lucas Roth has garnered a following due to his energetic party anthems, and today is no exception as he drops off his new party track “Zootie Tootie.”

Not to be confused with Little Richard’s classic record, “Zootie Tootie” embodies the vibe of a party anthem with witty lyrics and a hard beat to bang behind it all.

On the track, Roth also gives us a first-hand look at his mischievous personality and off-the-wall experiences.

“I wrote this track to go against the taboo nature of the party life,” said Roth. “Everyone has fun in their own regard, whether they admit it or not. Y’all feel free to judge me, as long as I don’t have to hide anything [laughs]. And honestly, low key wondering where all my ‘Zooties’ at?”

Stream “Zootie Tootie” on Spotify below or on the streaming service of your choice here.


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