New Video: Ness Heads – “Pretty”

Based in Chicago, Ness Heads is garnering everyone’s attention due to her unique sound and the confidence she carries wherever she goes.

The Hip-Hop artist recently dropped the highly-anticipated music video for her hit record “Pretty.”

Aside from the song being carefree and catchy, it’s empowering and all about regaining your confidence and telling your haters to get lost.

In the video, Ness struts her stuff and sends a warning shot, sporting her signature edgy punk look with bold-patterned streetwear and checkered Vans.

Split-screens show different sides of Ness, from more serious black-and-white shots to vibrant shots of Ness in front of a hot pink backdrop.

“Pretty” was directed by Exhibit 91 (Rendell Smith and Alex Donewald).

Check out the video up-top.


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