Album Alert: Racella – “Waves” (EP)

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Racella presents her new EP, Waves, that explores the ebb and flow of life and the emotional tides in between.

Produced by Grammy-nominated and platinum-selling producers Dem Jointz and Swiff D, the 4-track project showcases Racella’s strong vocal ability and amazing range while impressively channeling a different mood on each song.

A standout track is the bittersweet yet endearing “CDTOMO (Can’t Do This On My Own)” that was inspired by her experience after her husband was involved in a life-threatening car accident that required neck and heart surgery.
Other highlights on Waves include the lead single “Wonder” that’s a sultry, cool breath of fresh air and the inspiring “Fearless” that emits the message of living life with no regrets.

Definitely worth checking out, stream Waves on Spotify below and find it on all other digital platforms.


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