New Video: ALYA – Animals

Los Angeles-based alternative/indie pop artist ALYA delivers the stunning visual for her debut single “Animals.”

With an eerie fantasy undertone, “Animals” displays thought-provoking visuals guaranteed to stretch your imagine such as breathtaking castle views, human mounts on the wall that represent the seven deadly sins, and a free-roaming mythical gator, just to name a few.

When it comes to ALYA’s music, there are no rules or boundaries and it’s completely open to individual interpretation which is cleverly demonstrated in the video.
Often compared to Bjork and reminiscent to an early Madonna (circa Bedtime Stories), the eclectic singer-songwriter creates from outside the box, blending modern-pop with Japanese folk as well as other experimental elements like trip-hop, electronica, and more.

With a well-rounded fanbase around the world, ALYA’s currently preparing for the release of two upcoming debut albums, one in English, the other in Japanese, that are both due out soon.

Until then, watch the video for “Animals” above, and stream the official single on the service of your choice here.