Extendo-Tip: How To Pimp The Butterflies In Your Stomach Before Rocking The Stage

If you’re new to performing in front of a crowd and worried about how they will receive you, know that this is perfectly normal. Even some seasoned performers still get nervous before going on stage.

The key to beating stage fright is to stay in tune with your energy. If you’re excited to be there, give that energy to the crowd, they will definitely pick up on it.

Even if it’s only a few cats in the crowd rocking with you, that’s still good reception and it won’t hurt to acknowledge those people in the crowd while you’re performing.

Jay Z is notorious for shouting out fans in the crowd who was rocking with him throughout the show.

The science behind crowd control is body language so the confidence in your voice and demeanor is important. Face the crowd, give them your all, and remember to have fun.

If you need some extra help getting into the groove, get a hype-man to accompany you onstage.

You can also place your hype-man in the crowd or right by the stage to keep you going if the crowd’s not rocking with you at first.

The more you perform, the more you’ll start to know what works for you onstage, even if you still get those butterflies in your stomach.

Remember that it still happens to the best of them.