New Video: Damar Jackson – Everything

Louisiana-born R&B singer Damar Jackson returns with the visual for his bittersweet single “Everything” that’s a piano-driven exploration of the trials and tribulations of lust and love.

Directed by Cinemadona, we see Damar battle with mixed emotions as he struggles between love for his main squeeze and side-piece.

Damar explaining the song:

“‘Everything’ is a song about a certain person that was rocking wit’ me while I was going through a real toxic relationship. Everything I couldn’t talk to my girl about, I could talk to this other girl about. We ended up being close but my loyalty was still to my girl. So I never told anybody about this one special girl that was there for me. The passion in this song shows how much you can connect with somebody but still love someone else.”

Aside from the song’s love theme, the beginning of the video addresses the looming issue of racism in America when Damar and his love interest visit a gun shop.

Damar on the video concept:

“This video takes you through real life situations in Louisiana. How racism is still alive and how we deal with violence within our own communities. Having the two dueling themes of love and race issues visually clash makes for a mix of emotions when you watch it.”

Watch “Everything” up-top and find it on Damar’s latest project, Unfaithful Deluxe, which can be streamed on the service of your choice here.