Album Alert: PhZD – IMPULZ

Flint, MI duo PhZD presents their latest album effort, IMPULZ, that blends elements of experimental rap and R&B to create a fresh, original sound with an out-the-box subject matter.

Capturing the essence of a creative’s fleeting yet in-depth thought-process, the two artists delve into countless moments of artistic exploration and self-reflection on the 16-track project.

The energetic, airy soundscape throughout IMPULZ gives the album an edgy vibe that’s consistent and much-needed in this current climate of music that’s swamped with trappy tunes.

Highlights on the album include “Nxworries” that drips with infectious harmonies over production that impressively builds, and “T1 (It’s About Time)” that’s an erratic, bouncy joyride laced with aggressively smooth vocals.

Definitely worth checking out, stream IMPULZ below on Spotify and on the streaming service of your choice here.


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