New Music: King Gheno – Plan In Motion

DMV-area recording artist King Gheno drops his latest single “Plan In Motion” that features a conscious message over high-energetic, trap-infused production.

He refers to his music as “brain train tracks” which coincides with his goal of creating music that captures listeners’ ears while feeding them positive affirmations and words of wisdom they can hopefully implement into their daily lives.

Gheno explaining his style:

“Brain train tracks are meditation tracks that are strategically crafted with affirmation to retrain the subconscious mind. The hypnotic hip-hop beats will help to put the listener in a receptive state that will then allow the listeners subconscious to receive the affirmation that are in the song. With this plan we will be able to change lives in this current generation and in generations to come.”

Get the message by streaming “Plan In Motion” below for free.


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