Album Alert: GrandAce – Feel Good (EP)

In honor of his recent 21st birthday, Midwest artist GrandAce presents his latest EP, Feel Good, that features 6 fresh and original tracks with reflective rhymes and warm vibes.

Personally deeming the EP as musical therapy, the budding lyricist/singer/producer experiments with various melodies on each song that meshes with the playful, bouncy production.

GrandAce on the creation of Feel Good:

This EP was the actual act of me seeking to obtain my happiness once again. The underlying narrative in the EP tells the story of an individual making the decision to move from idle complacency in everyday life towards making their own path. I made this project for myself and more so, for the listener as I make it a point to keep my humanity in the music. I want to share my problems and solutions, in hopes that someone out there knows that they’re not alone and that others out there are fighting to keep their head up as well.

Raise your vibrations today by streaming Feel Good below for free.


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