Album Alert: Staring Into Nothing – Power

The progressive rock trio known as Staring Into Nothing releases their anticipated debut album, Power, via Antares Records.

Envisioned and executed by band members Steve Rogers, Savannah Rogers and Kurt Barabas, the 10-track project collectively addresses darker subjects like corruption through the abuse of power, tumultuous romances, and the devastation of war.

Unpacking the idiosyncrasies of these heavy topics, the band uses their mellow harmonies and impressive incorporation of live instrumentation to explore and express the dark side of power.
Highlights on the album include “Freedom” that has an overall refreshing and liberating feel over a dominating guitar, and “Information Crime” that sneaks an infectious gloomy piano inside a heavy rock-infused sound throughout the song.

Staring Into Nothing is currently putting the finishing touches on their two forthcoming follow-up albums, Love and War, due out soon.

Until then, stream Power below and find it on the streaming service of your choice here.


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