New Video: Deca – Mammon’s Mantra

Directed and animated by Steven Mertens, New York-based recording artist/producer Deca delivers the trippy visuals for his latest listen “Mammon’s Mantra” from his recently-released album, The Way Through.

On the track, he addresses corruption and deception in the world today.

Deca explaining “Mammon’s Mantra”:

“It’s about manipulation and the cultural symptoms of a deep psychological sickness at a time when the world is equal parts 1984 and Brave New World. In Brave New World, it was all distractions, antidepressants, mindless entertainment, and carnality. In 1984, Big Brother put a boot on the neck of anyone or anything that posed a real threat to the system and status quo. I think the scales are pretty balanced between those two poles right now.”

Check out the video up-top and stream The Way Through here.


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