Album Alert: Shyland Flowers – Shyology (EP)

Born in Washington D.C. but raised in Greenville, South Carolina, it did not take very long for recording artist Shyland Flowers to find his calling in life.

On his new EP, Shyology, he tells the true story of his journey through music, starting out as a neighborhood battle emcee and slowly working his way to become one of his city’s most revered wordsmiths.

Shyland is best known for his impressive storytelling abilities because there is always a bigger picture within a bigger picture when it comes to his creative process.

Honing his distinct style, his influences include Hip-Hop greats Jay-Z, Nas, Outkast, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and Kanye West, among many others.

Check out the six-track EP below as Shyland preps for his full-length release in April.


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