New Video: Francois Klark – Spaceman (Lyric Video)

South African-born, Canadian singer/songwriter Francois Klark releases the lyric video for his stoic debut single “Spaceman” produced by him and Kibwe Thomas.

Francois speaking on the creative process of the song:

“Some people believe that there is only one perfect person for you. Others believe that a person could fall in love with anyone and then that person becomes the perfect person for you. I find this idea very intriguing. So, like I do with most things that are on my mind, I took this idea to the piano and started developing a narrative around it.

In a sense this song became a metaphor for my journey as I search for, and discover my muse – music. Because of music I had the opportunity to journey all over the world.”

Klark’s forthcoming debut album is set to be released early 2018.

Until then, watch the lyric video for “Spaceman” above, and stream the official audio on the streaming service of your choice here.


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