New Music: Seanloui – Tell Me

Tucson, AZ recording artist Seanloui only wants the truth on his latest single “Tell Me” via B2G Records.

The dreamy, dark track was produced by Kolja Dominiak, Brandon Neumaier and Seanloui himself, as he addresses a pressing issue with his significant other who secretly strayed.

Personal and transparent, “Tell Me” is a bittersweet blend of pain, clarity and liberation.

Seanloui explaining the song’s meaning:

“I found out the love of my life for 4 years cheated on me by pretending to hang out with a famous person who had mutual friends. This song is letting her know that I know she cheated.”

The multi-dimensional singer/songwriter describes his signature sound as “Euro R&B Pop” that he crafted while traveling back and forth from Arizona to Los Angeles over the years.

He plans to capitalize on that sound while also expressing his growth as an artist on his upcoming self-titled project that’s set to be released soon.

Until then, stream “Tell Me” below and also on Spotify and Apple Music.


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