Album Alert: Meanr Mynr – The Sacrifice (EP)

Denver electronica/livetronica artist Meanr Mynr presents his sophomore EP titled The Sacrifice that serves as an infectious electronica soundtrack for all of us who make sacrifices to grow.

Although there’s no words said on the 5-track project, Meanr interprets his messages of life and the overall human experience through lively sounds, pulsating energy and the inclusion of the right instruments at the right time.

The EP’s opener “Sanctified” is a good example of just that as listeners get to take in dope elements of brassy horns and mean guitar riffs.

Aside from the bevy of sounds The Sacrifice boasts, each song is laced with symbolic messages of sacrifice and gives us moments to reflect on the ones we make daily.

Meanr explaining the meaning behind each song:

To prepare for the new, we sometimes have to give up old things or parts of our lives. To me, this song is about embracing the future even though it means sacrificing things we loved in the past.

“Saint James”:
So many people make sacrifices so that we can live our lives – many of them we’ll never meet. There are also people in our midst making sacrifices the world will never know about. This track is for them. R.I.P. J Dilla.

“The Sacrifice”:
Sometimes the sacrifice is too much to bare so we go to war with ourselves. Sometimes the sacrifice we made wasn’t worth it. Sometimes we fear we didn’t give up enough. This song is about all the emotions that life’s pressure exposes.

“From the Ashes”:
There are some things we would do anything for. Things you are so passionate about that nothing would keep you from them. To me, this song portrays the relentless fight we have to hang on to the things we hold closest.

“Party to Damascus”:
Graduation Day. Your first paycheck. When everything you’ve given up pays off and there’s nothing to do but celebrate. But life works in cycles and that to prepare for the new, we sometimes have to give up old things or parts of our lives.”

Focusing on giving listeners an amazing music experience with stories to match, stream Meanr Mynr’s The Sacrifice below.


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