Album Alert: Jay Hunna – Better Days

From the Southside of Chicago comes Jay Hunna with the recent release of his latest album, Better Days.

Growing up listening to a wide array of music, and forming a deep appreciation for Hip-Hop culture, Jay made sure to put his all into the 11-track project.

On Better Days, he was initially inspired by the tragic death of his cousin, Sandra Bland, which sparked outrage throughout America in July of 2015.

You can hear a message from her on “Land Of The Free” that closes out the album.
Highlights on Better Days include the opener “Bad Guy” that gives off a high-powered but laid-back feel, and “No Hook” that’s a perfect blend of old-school and new-school Hip-Hop.

Using keen storytelling and powerful lyricism, the theme that he keeps throughout the project is hope, and to believe that better days are on the way even when your current situation seems bleak.

Jay on creating Better Days:

“Good music translates in all languages. It creates a feeling of happiness and joy in most people, so I just want to reach every language and give them that experience.”

Stream the album below on Spotify, and on CDBaby here.


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