New Music: Realname McCoy – Somewhere in the Tropics (Prod. By Sur Jazz)

Up-and-coming artist Realname McCoy has a sound that rivals other rappers on the rise.

Fans say his distinct vocals and playful lyrics have established him as one of the ones to watch.

As a former member of D.C.’s popular rap duo, Beyond Modern, he gained notoriety and coverage as one of the best underground emcees from several prominent media outlets.

Now venturing out as a solo artist, McCoy has already caught the eyes and ears of outlets such as Revolt TV with his single “Limbo” helping him grab a spot on their “Spotlight on Revolt” platform.

Fans are anxiously anticipating his upcoming project, a collection of songs full of stories and experiences he fondly refers to as being “loosely based on women”.

His latest buzz track “Somewhere in the Tropics” is an uptempo club track that was produced by Sur Jazz.

Realname McCoy explaining the song and artwork:

“I was stuck living domestically in America since escaping the 1991 Mount Pinatubo volcano eruption in The Philippines. I started feeling the need to escape life in my everyday bubble, so I recently got myself a passport and have been taking full advantage ever since. The picture in the cover art for this song was taken while I was in Aruba earlier this year.”

Stream “Somewhere in the Tropics” below and on iTunes here.


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