Album Alert: Ching Yung – Ching Yung Dead (EP)

A lot of treats have been coming to music fans this Halloween, and adding to the bag of goodies is Los Angeles indie act Ching Yung.

Following the success of his latest video “Better Off Dead,” Ching Yung gets in the spooky spirits and unveils his highly-anticipated new EP, properly-titled Ching Yung Dead.

The San Gabriel Valley-native gives fans a fresh collection of brand new material that is considered some of the Chinese descents best work to-date.

This time around, Yung links up with producer Bttroffdead to oversee the production over majority of the new EP.

Ching Yung Dead features guest appearances from frequent Yung collaborators HollywoodDonut, Waxfase, and Triphendrix.

The 21-minute body of work includes the standout tracks “Self Destruct”, “BetterOffDead”, and “Blood Money”.

The project should hold fans over until Ching Yung returns in 2018 with some big plans that will bring him to the mainstream scene.

Listen to Ching Yung Dead below.


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