Album Alert: Ace Gabbana – Ratchet Rock N’ Roll

After releasing several exclusive singles and videos throughout 2017, rising Flint artist Ace Gabbana delivers his highly-anticipated sophomore album, Ratchet Rock N’ Roll.

The 13-track project introduces listeners to Ace’s unique style that’s infused with elements of Hip-Hop and trap with a rebellious rockstar attitude.

Ace describing the album title:

Ratchet Rock N’ Roll is a statement for the care free rebels. It stands for a generation of kids who are willing to fight anything to be heard. I want this ratchet rock n’ roll wave to be as important as punk rock someday.

It’s an embodiment of every genre you could think of in one big melting pot. It’s a lifestyle to say the least, a way of breathing. Like, I breath and bleed ratchet rock n’ roll. It can be anything as long as your confidence is in it.”
Features on the album include fellow Flint natives Jenna Noelle, Jeff Skigh, Vyson, Velly Beretta, Twicee, and Raskey McNasty as well as Aftermath recording artist Jon Connor.
Production for Ratchet Rock N’ Roll was handled by Selah-Zeus, BZGD, DET, and Nygee.

Stream the album below.


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