Dope Flick: Marmera Pictures Presents “The System” (Trailer)

Phoenix, AZ-based production company Marmera Pictures explores two different perspectives of justice in its new indie thriller, The System.

Written and directed by Irin Daniels, the film provides a thought-provoking commentary on corruption, racism and prejudice, as well as the multi-layered intricacies and complexities from both sides of the issue.
With riveting performances and an unsettling yet familiar premise, The System delivers a timely conversation in an era of social protests, travel advisories, and lost lives at the hands of law enforcement.

Complementing the father-son dynamic of the film, Daniels is also releasing an upcoming Hip-Hop album titled Don’t Listen that features him and his son, Marquel Deljuan.

Check out the trailer for The System above, and for more info and updates about the movie and soundtrack, visit


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