Album Alert: L.A.Z. (of Clear Soul Forces) – No Paperwork

Detroit-based lyricist L.A.Z., member of Detroit supergroup Clear Soul Forces, steps out on his own with his dope new EP, No Paperwork, via Below System Records.

Featuring six solid tracks, the project is a culmination of L.A.Z.’s experiences and sacrifices he’s made for the sake of believing in his art and following his passion.

From years of grinding and creating to quitting his day job to pursue music professionally, the emcee doesn’t hold back as he reflects on the mental peace that comes with realizing money isn’t everything.
Throughout No Paperwork, L.A.Z. showcases his keen ear for production, while balancing clever wordplay with his well-structured narrative.

You pick up on his frustrations and self-realizations throughout the project, particularly on “Optomist” featuring Detroit’s GooD Greene.

Even when he’s getting lifted on the lead single “TGI Fried Daze” with Denver’s F Dot Lawless, there’s still a sobering realness to it all.

L.A.Z. on his new solo release:

No Paperwork is the soundtrack to being a starving artist in transition, but still moving to the beat of your own drum and keeping it about the music.”

Stream No Paperwork below for free and click here to stream it on the platform of your choice.


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