The Art Of Hip-Hop (Remix) Returns To Flint, MI! (9/1/17)

The independent clothing and lifestyle brand Idekntical Variant (yes, the ‘k’ is silent) is bringing back their dope Art Of Hip-Hop event on September 1st in Flint, MI.

For years, the owners of iV, Randall Pointer and Marcus “Big-O” Owens, held the monthly event in various art/music-themed venues in Flint, including The Greater Flint Arts Council (GFAC) and The Local 432.

The Art Of Hip-Hop, AOHH for short, provided a stage and safe, supportive environment for local music artists to perform as well as vendor space for small businesses to promote their brands.
AOHH’s influence in Flint’s music scene inspired us at The Dope Show to throw our own live shows to keep the tradition of unity and networking going.

In fact, there would be no Dope Show (LIVE!) had it not been for AOHH because they created the blueprint for bringing the city out to support their own.

So if you’re in the Flint area on September 1st, make sure to come out and show some love at the Art Of Hip-Hop!


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