Album Alert: AQ – Transition (EP)

Los Angeles artist AQ originally had hoop dreams in mind for his future. However, he found his calling in Hip-Hop after discovering he had an ear for it.

Fast-forward through trial and error, finding his sound and developing a fanbase, we arrive at the release of AQ’s new EP, properly-titled, Transition.

Produced entirely by K.Y., Transition is the story of AQ going from balling to rapping. The 8-track project briefly covers him growing up in LA, from going to parties and dancing to playing ball and discovering his love for music.

AQ on Transition:

“I’ve spent a lot of time and energy into putting this project together and I’m so happy to share it finally. A lot of passion and emotion, you can hear it in the tone of my voice, whether it is anger or happiness. The real transition from balling to rapping!”

Stream the EP below for free.


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