Album Alert: David Aaron – innercityOUTERSPACE

Flint artist David Aaron releases his long-awaited album, innercityOUTERSPACE, that brings listeners into his lyrical world of surreal self-reflection and abstract thinking while growing up in the inner city.

The opening track “Shy” sets the tone of innercity’s vulnerability, giving us a brief glance into David’s inner struggle to be unapologetically expressive in a pessimistic environment.

The standout track “POZ-E” stresses the importance of positive energy in his personal space while the jazzy “Where You Been (Tag You’re It)” shows confidence in his artistry as he flexes his vocal chords on the hook.

The impressive 14-track project features production from a slew of prominent beatmakers including Optiks, Spyda, A Gang Called Dumb, A.P., and Gee Ase among others.

Guest appearances include Indigo Blak, Lia Mack, LK Tonio, Jenna Noelle, Rizzy Beamen, Dom Ledger and Sway Montoya.

Definitely well worth the wait, stream innercityOUTERSPACE below for free.


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