7 Dope Facts About: Phlow

phlow2The Lagos-based emcee known as Phlow first came under our radar in July 2016 after releasing her rendition of Kendrick Lamar‘s “Poetic Justice” aptly-titled “Phlowetic Justice” showing off her versatility and infectious delivery.

Since then, we kept tabs on her and her new releases as she continued to impress her growing fanbase with effortless rhyming that’s true to her name. Seriously, the girl really can flow.

Her debut EP, Mind, Body & Phlow, which was released at the top of this year, is currently receiving much-deserved recognition from prominent Hip-Hop sites while Phlow continues to push the envelope with her dope style of pure, unapologetic rhyming.


We recently got a chance to chop it up with the lovely lyricist about the music that changed her life, her hobby of finding hobbies, childhood crushes and much more.

Read on to learn 7 dope facts about Phlow.


1. She always rocked with Hey Arnold!

heyarnoldPhlow: “I love cartoons but could never pick a favorite growing up. I loved Hey Arnold!, Dexter’s Lab, As Told by Ginger, Arthur, Recess, those were awesome times. My love for cartoons actually developed as a distaste for watching soccer. Back then, the grown-ups would always interrupt my quality cartoon time with soccer, it was beyond annoying. Nowadays, I watch Regular Show, Adventure Time, plus I’m still waiting on Rick and Morty to get back.”


2. She’s always down for Barney and the crew

motherPhlow: “My favorite show off all time is How I Met Your Mother. I binge watch that show like every year. It’s guaranteed to get me through any “down in the dump” day.”


3. Mimi was her first

mimiPhlow: “Growing up, I listened to just about anything from R&B to rock to rap which was a result of just bumming off my brother and uncle’s stash of music. The first official album I bought was Mariah Carey’s Emancipation of Mimi.”


4. Finding hobbies is her hobby

musicprodPhlow: “My hobby is actually trying to find new hobbies, seriously. I have picked up and dropped off many hobbies, from film editing to website design. However, I would say that music production is the most consistent.”


5. The Asuai album helped her clear the air

phlowPhlow: “My favorite project was definitely Asuai. I got to show a totally different side of me. Plus, I got a bit of closure airing out some of my emotions. It was short and sweet.”


6. She used to crush on a young Shia Labeouf

shiaPhlow: “Shia Labeouf. I had a humongous, poster-on-my-wall, type crush on him back in the day. Right now, I’m not into anyone. Is that weird?”


7. Chicken will always be the move

hammergifPhlow: “Chicken! You can never go wrong with chicken. You put chicken in any dish and bam! It’s awesome.”


For more Phlow, follow her on Twitter at: @Phlowetry


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