7 Dope Facts About: Nick Pratt

nickprattFor some artists, creating music is a cool hobby, a nice talent to have, or a smooth passtime.

For others, creating music is their calling, their destiny, something that was simply meant to be.

The Fort Worth, Texas-born emcee known as Nick Pratt is manifesting his destiny in music and letting it be known that he belongs here.

nickpratt3Now residing in Los Angeles, he hit the ground running this year, especially since the release of his impressive debut album, Manifest Destiny.

The 14-track project sheds light on who Nick is as an artist and gives us a peek inside the depths of his integrity as a man.

nickpratt2Although Nick was already on our radar, he officially won us over after viewing his recent video for “Elevated” that shows off his lyricism and infectious delivery with his overall authentic Texas demeanor.

Besides the dope flow, he also incorporates substance within his subject matter, speaking on critical social issues and valuable life lessons.

We got a chance to learn more about the rising artist and chop it up about music, food, his latest crush and more. So without further ado, here’s 7 dope facts about Nick Pratt.


1. He had to do some guesswork for his first album purchase


Nick Pratt: “The first album I ever bought with my own money was The Wait Is Over by The 69 Boyz. I was in the fifth grade and had to get that thang at Wally World and they only sold clean versions, so I had to do a lot of guessing on some of the lyrics. That song “Catch 22” was my joint though. I love stories.”


2. He knew a couple things about the New Jack Swing


Nick: “My favorite genre from the 90’s was New Jack Swing. I sing almost as much as I rap on my projects. I don’t be using no auto-tune or nothing though, just vibing. I think that’s the same turn trap is taking right now, so I really enjoy that when I hear somebody that’s actually got some talent.”


3. He’s not immune to being starstruck


Nick: “I recently met OG Ron C, who is arguably one of the greatest DJs from Texas, at A3C and I was awkward as hell. I walked past him and my eyes got wide like that one emoji that be kinda blushing a lil bit and I was like “Oh Shit!” I turned around and pointed at him dead in his face (which my mama told me not to do as a kid because it was a good way to get shot) and he stopped mid-sentence to look at me, and I just bowed like a ninja and said “Thank you,” and walked away. I was trippin’. Didn’t give him no music or nothing. Talk about starstruck.”


4. He’ll take a taste of Texas any day


Nick: “I’m a grill man. Anything BBQ’d or a good burger and I’m gucci, mayne like Gucci Mane. I guess it’s because I’m from Texas. My palette is regional.”


5. He appreciates the true representation of Luke Cage


Nick: “I don’t think there’s a better show than Martin (sans it’s final season smh), but I have been and plan on binging Luke Cage continuously for as long as I can. It’s a good-ass show and also important as hell, in my opinion. A writer from the New York Times reviewed the show and was mostly upset at all the history and the lack of violence, and those are the things that I think make it so unique. This could easily be a show riddled with black on black violence and big explosions, but instead it’s full of culture and social issues. Not just racial, but gender and sexuality as well. The presence of strong black female characters is so crucial too because it’s such a more accurate reflection of our communities than the subservient narrative that we receive on a regular basis.”


6. Brother Malcolm’s life story changed his life


Nick: “I read “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” in like the fourth grade and it changed my life. Like, I got so pro-Black so fast, I got kicked out of my after school program for speaking my perceived truth. Considering the way things have been going for the outspoken and police-filmers, I guess that was pretty telling.”


7. He has a thing for the very dope Taylor Rooks


Nick: “I’m crushing on my ex but she ain’t gonna read this so don’t tell her I told you. Oh and Taylor Rooks. She’s fuckin’ beautiful. I wanna take her out on a real nice date like the southern gentleman I am. I ain’t trickin’ no beach vacays like these other rap dudes though. (laughs).”


For more Nick Pratt, visit his official website: nickprattmusic.com


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