Get To Know: Jogu

jogu1Hailing from Aurora, IL, the artist Jogu has honed his sound like most Midwest natives, borrowing from the East, West and South and making it his own.

His love for music formed early at the age of nine as he was inspired by the more poetic side of Hip-Hop. Taking his love for lyrics seriously, he began to write his own and growing in his artistry over the years.

Fast-forward to 2016 and we find Jogu with a brand new project, Just My Thoughts, with “23” as the lead single, a dope reference to Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan.

In the midst of planning his upcoming regional tour, the busy emcee set some time aside for us to chop it up about his favorite music, influences and more. Below, get to know Jogu.

The Dope Show: What record first made you fall in love with music?

Jogu: “Tupac‘s “Changes” definitely. When I heard it, I instantly fell in love with Hip-Hop. I appreciated the description of life events. His lyricism is the voice to the unheard.”


TDS: What’s your favorite song or project from yourself?

Jogu: “My latest project, Just My Thoughts. This album has songs that convey messages of resilience, celebration, love and social awareness.”


TDS: How did your single “23” come about?

Jogu: “I heard Post Malone‘s “White Iverson” and liked it alot, but my competitive side took over and I challenged myself to make a song with the same basketball theme but with better, lyrically.”


TDS: Who is your influences in the industry?

Jogu: “I’m influenced by different artists in different ways. Some of my influences are Lil Wayne (Metaphorically), Wale, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole (Lyrically), Jay Z (Business-wise), and
Ace Hood (Flow).”


TDS: How do you feel about the recent police violence against unarmed African-Americans?

Jogu: “It’s inexcusable, unacceptable. Accountability needs to apply to everyone in the legal process including officers, internal affairs, state and district attorneys, etc. We (the public) need to stop trying to find any and every reason as to why people deserve to die.”


To stay connected with Jogu, visit his official website:

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