7 Dope Facts About: David Aaron


Flint, MI artist David Aaron is one of a kind.

With the Flint water crisis still looming within his hometown, he’s a true diamond in the rough that’s still going through the pressure process.

Through the years, he developed his eclectic sound by experimenting with rap and alternative music while collaborating with numerous artists around the city.

The growth in his style even inspired a name change from a young, hopeful Justin Daye to a more mature and confident David Aaron.

Spending time with Jon Connor in L.A also ushered in new music experiences and motivated David to start his imprint, Year-Of-1992, which will roll out music from him and his affiliates.

justin3Fresh off the release of the breakout project DillaNoize with the Cartoons Only collective (David, Ace Gabbana & Stevan Malone), he’s now gearing up for his debut album, innercityOUTERSPACE, dropping soon.

With all David has going on, he still had time to give us a glimpse of his colorful world of music, cartoons and cuties. So without further ado, here’s 7 dope facts about David Aaron.


1. Fave cartoons?


David: “Dr. Seuss’s cartoons and books for sure. The animation and dialogue was interesting with moral content. My older sister and I watched that a lot as growing up. Other than that, I’m starting to get more into anime like Cowboy Bebop, One Piece, Noragami. The story-lines are relatable in ways.”


2. What’s an album that blew you away?

aliciakeysDavid: “The Diary Of Alicia Keys in 2003. I was in the 6th grade, going Christmas shopping with my family. “You Don’t Know My Name” was the s***! It was the deluxe edition too so there was a DVD that came along with the album. I watched that quite a few times.”


3. Have any hobbies?

pushagifDavid: “I really like to cook. I’m starting to look up recipes now and everything! Also, I watch documentaries about almost anything pertaining to music and just culture.”


4. Favorite mag?

janet1David: “We didn’t really have magazines in the house but whenever I was at the store or something, the cover pages of Vibe, Rolling Stone, and Jet always caught my eye. I like Complex and Rolling Stone still.”


5. Any concert that you’ll never forget?

pfunkDavid: “I went to a Parliament concert in Stone Mountain, GA when I was real young with my dad and my sister. Kool & The Gang performed too. That was my first concert and I just remember how inspiring it was to be in that atmosphere and even knowing a lot of the songs. My parents always had cool music taste.”


6. Ever shed a thug tear over a celeb?

davegrohlDavid: “I never actually cried while meeting a celebrity but a tear may have shed if I thought about it sometime afterwards (laughs). Meeting Organized Noize in L.A was a bit mind blowing for me though. I would love to meet Dave Grohl. I think he would have a lot of insights and stories I’d be interested in knowing about.”


7. Crushing on anybody at the moment?

cheerleader1David: “I’ve had many crushes throughout my life. I met a waitress at Applebee’s recently who I would consider a crush. She was polite. It’s pretty innocent though. I like the drummer from Cheerleader too, Nisa Seal. I think she’s super talented and pretty.”


For more David Aaron, follow him on Twitter/Instagram at: @davidvvron


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