7 Dope Facts About: Trel Mack

trelmack5Rising Philadelphia emcee Trel Mack has been on the grind for awhile now, showing the world that he can succeed in everything from music to clothing to even energy drinks.

With the recent release of his latest album, Night Before The Dawn, Trel is pushing forward with promoting A-1 singles from the project with eye-catching visuals to match.

Since we already know his work ethic is unstoppable, we wanted to dig a little deeper to find out more about the SKE Records artist that we may not hear in the music. So without further ado, we give you 7 dope facts about Trel Mack.



1. He still loves the ‘toons

Trel Mack: “I was a cartoon fanatic, I still love cartoons to this day. Some of my favorites are the weird ones like Ed, Edd and Eddy, they were something else. South Park, I got a kick out that show. I could watch that over and over again.

Just to name a few more: Johnny Bravo, Pokemon, Ren & Stimpy. The cartoon I’m love with right now is called F Is For Family which comes on Netflix. It’s based in the ’70s and it’s funny as hell. I love old stuff.”


2. He’s a breast man

T.M: “I love food, I love trying new foods. It just can’t be something that’s obviously disgusting but I am open minded. One of my favorite foods is mac & cheese. I love steak, and most definitely can’t live without a juicy chicken breast.”


3. He was a fan of the #1 stunner

T.M: “I think everyone loved wrestling at some point, especially when it was WWF and not the new WWE watered down stuff. The characters were more impactful to the sport it seems like. However, just like music, I guess this situation is generational too.

With that being said, during my generation of wrestling, Stone Cold Steve Austin is my absolute favorite, and maybe The Rock. Other honorable mentions would be Undertaker and Shawn Michaels.

The reason why I loved Steve Austin was because he was just fearless and you felt his energy when he got in the ring. He was a complete animal. I recall one Royal Rumble where he just destroyed everyone by himself. That Stone Cold Stunner was a hell of a finisher, and no one sold that move like The Rock. When The Rock got that stunner, he would literally back-flip.”


4. Carrie Underwood won him over

T.M: “Man, believe it or not, Carrie Underwood was a concert I will never forget. I haven’t been to loads of concerts. I probably been to about a good 7 or 8 but Carrie Underwood’s performance, stage and energy was just phenomenal. I can say I am a fan. Shout out to Q The Question for putting me on and opening my mind to other genres of music.”


5. 2Pac helped him get through

T.M: “First album I ever purchased was 2Pac‘s Me Against The World. ‘Pac is and will forever be my favorite artist. He got me through a lot of rough times growing up. I just love music of all types really. Just coming from an artist background within my creative being, it was just only a matter of time I fall in love with the art of music.”


6. His albums come with dope memories

T.M: “My favorite project is my most recent project which is Night Before The Dawn. From a musical standpoint, it shows my growth and it has more of my personality in it. I would say Inspired By Greatness birthed my best memories.

We opened up the SKE Studios Recording Facility and I was able to get my music to Lenny S when he was at Def Jam at the time. A lot of shows were done from that album and I met some great people who are also creative and still my friends till this day.

A lot of my writing from that album came from the times I spent in Cali. I met a dope singer/songwriter, Kendra Morris, who definitely gave me so many lifetime experiences while there.”


7. He believes in hustle over hobbies

T.M: “I just love being creative. I don’t really have a true hobby. We all know I love music, however I love doing the behind the scenes stuff too like filming and giving creative direction for our clothing line, Know and Konquer. We also have a energy drink called Konquer Energy, so building brands is just something I enjoy.”


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