7 Dope Facts About: Apollo Mighty

apollo2Memphis soul singer Apollo Mighty has been making his rounds in the blogosphere since releasing his latest EP, Wilderness, that explores the search for a sense of peace and one’s purpose in life through.

Prior to the album’s release, Apollo also delivered a stunning visual trilogy that captured an adventurous journey of inner-conflict and worldly struggle while featuring music from Wilderness.

Apollo Almighty

Besides the fact that he puts his entire heart and soul in his music, we caught up with him to pull 7 more dope facts out of the rising artist. Keep reading to find discover Apollo’s love for movies, music, food and the lovely Janelle Monae.


1. He was a huge wrestling buff

Apollo Mighty: “I use to love wrestling! I even aspired to be one which is when I started calling myself Apollo. My favorite wrestlers were the The Hardy Boys, Kane, Undertaker, The Rock, Triple H (in that order)”


2. Music memories

A.M: “I really enjoyed making Project 3 6 9 because it was such a great experience. From the features to the whole recording process, it was memorable. One of the more memorable moments was recording “To the Sky” for IX. I had my friend Terrell play sax on the track. I just remember feeling like everything he played resonated with me and the song. Featuring him just helped make the song was it is today.”


3. Movies are the motivation

A.M: “I love watching movies. I sometimes use movies as inspiration for lyrics and melodies. I think its because movies are able to encompass many forms of art and blend them together to make beauty and evoke emotions.”


4. He got to see Drake and K-Dot rock

A.M: “I got to see Drake in Nashville a few years back. What made it memorable was that I got to go with my best friend, and we were turnt. Kendrick Lamar was the opener. It was pre-GKMC, but my best friend and I knew who he was; so it was like was added bonus to see him live. My second was Vic Mensa at A3C a two years ago. Dude has a crazy stage presence and the crowd feeds off him. Also, the fact that I got to speak with him afterwards made for a dope experience.”


5. He’s a foodie on the low

A.M: “I love food in general. My manager and I share this love, though she’s much more of a foodie than I am. So we’re always seeking out new and interesting places to eat. As much as I like trying new foods though, there are definitely times when all I really want is a cheeseburger and a milkshake for like 4 days straight. And I get it. And it’s awesome.”


6. He’d like to meet the Electric Lady herself

A.M: “I’d be honored to meet Janelle Monae. I really vibe with her message and her style. I feel like I could learn a lot about navigating through the industry while remaining true to yourself from her.”


7. He knows the power in numbers

A.M: “I believe in omens and I study numerology. I believe that the universe (God) communicates with us in different ways. For me, it’s always been numbers. For instance, 369 from my first project collectively means to change from one form to another (to evolve). It can also serve as a sign that you are heading in the right direction. Around the time I started putting the projects out, I would see 369 everywhere like on TV, mailboxes and license plates. After I made the decision to move to the Midwest, I started seeing it again. For me, it’s reassurance that the path I’m on in life is the right one.”

For more Apollo Mighty, visit his website at: www.apollomighty.com


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