7 Dope Facts About: Galaxy X


Detroit producer/emcee Galaxy X has been flying high lately with his unique brand of rap that brings a refreshingly free feel to the atmosphere.

He discovered his musical talents while in high-school where he was one of the few black kids in a predominantly white school. Galaxy’s hardships and determination became the driving force behind his music and helped him find his groove.

In 2012, he released his first mixtape, Kick Rocks, which helped his fanbase grow while leading to the creation of his group Final Chapter Entertainment.

Since then, his music has been well-received as his sound continues to evolve and catch attention around major sites in the rap blogosphere.

As he gears up for the release of his upcoming EP, The Afro Galaxy (11/27), the spacey Midwest artist made some time to discuss his favorite rapper alive, his chef skills, and that one time he was a choir boy. Read on for more.

1: Same movies, different day, b.


Galaxy X: “I don’t really go to see any of the new movies that come out in theaters. I’ve been watching the same couple of movies for months (laughs). Wolf Of Wall Street, Project X, Jurassic World on repeat. Bad Boys 2 been in rotations for years.”


2: Spending time between beats and rhymes

Galaxy X: “I really wanna focus less on rapping and more on production and engineering. Producing seems a lot less stressful, but I cant get away from performing, that’s why I cant produce full-time.”


3: He once was a choir boy

Galaxy X: “On the lowest of keys, I was in my church choir for a hot second. The song I remember the most was “Walking In Authority” by Donnie McClurkin. Real good spiritual message.”


4: He knew Destiny’s Child had the juice like that


Galaxy X: “I listen to hella R&B, almost as much as I listen to rap. I bump some Aaliyah or some R. Kelly from time to time. And Destiny’s Child had the juice. If I could sing I’d probably take over the game and take all of your women faster than I do now.”


5: About his favorite rapper…


Galaxy X: “Lil Wayne is…the best rapper alive… hit me!” – Lil Wayne “Dough Is What I Got


6: Chef game on point

Galaxy X: “I used to be a line cook at a coney island restaurant. I don’t do it any more because I realized waiting tables pay the bills way faster than cooking does. I can still whip up a mean-ass meal, don’t sleep on me.”


7: He has something dope in store for us


Galaxy X: “The Afro Galaxy project is what I’m working on next. It’s my first serious piece of work that I’ve made in a while so I’m excited for people to hear it. The production is lit too, I did a few tracks. Shout out to 2DZ, SIRB, and Nate Fox. Big shout-out to J. Cuse. The tape will be out sometime around black Friday.


For more on Galaxy X, follow him on social media at @WhoIsGalaxy and check out his official website: www.galaxyXmusic.com


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