7 Dope Facts About: Shore Shot

shoreshot1Hailing from the Garden State of New Jersey, rising emcee Shore Shot has been making waves since releasing the original LPs Slowly But Shorely (2010) and Progress Report (2012). His latest 2015 effort, Return of the Tide, is also making noise with dope instrumentation from !llmind and Eric G.

As Tide continues to make its rounds in the blogosphere, Shore is still hard at work creating new content and honing his craft to bring us more good indie sounds.

We caught up with him recently to find out a little more about the Jersey native’s background and how he likes to spend his time. Follow along as we delve into 7 dope facts about Shore Shot.


1: He rocked with Fraggle Rock

Shore Shot: “Fraggle Rock was my show. It was only on HBO so I wouldn’t get to see it unless I went to Long Island to my visit my grandparents. I spent a few summers up there growing up and I was always tuned in.”

2: His music taste stays fresh

Shore Shot: “First album I bought was He’s The DJ, I’m The Rapper [from DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince]. What made me fall in love with music was my family. All the Motown, gospel and jazz records [came] from Mom. All the Kool Moe Dee, Ice-T, Public Enemy, 2 Live Crew, Run DMC, and Beastie Boys records [came] from my older brothers. My pops even gives me cassettes he used to collect, ones he says no one has sampled yet! Blue-eyed soul stuff out of Philly.”

3: He seen Naughty rock the bells

Shore Shot: [A memorable concert was] “Rock The Bells at the PNC arts center several years ago. I saw Supernatural, Naughty By Nature, Ice Cube, and Zeus from No Holds Barred, all on the same stage in the same day.”

4: He had the juice like Zeus

Shore Shot: “As a kid, I would [be] Zeus from No Holds Barred when we all used to have wrestling matches! I used to collect some of the figurines back in the day. I grew out of it as I grew older, however, I do throw plenty of wrestler references in the rhymes!”

5: He ran into the Green-Eyed Bandit himself

Shore Shot: “I met Eric Sermon in NY on my lunch break. He signed my rhyme book and left a bogus phone number for me to call as well. I was actually thinking I was going to get a beat from him too, (laughs) he got me good!”

6: He has good taste in women

Shore Shot: “I love Adriana Lima but I think everyone does, or at least should.”

7: His favorite shows are on the right side of the law

Shore Shot: Fave shows —> “Law & Order, Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds, NCIS, and True Detective.”


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